I’ve moved …

… to The Netherlands! I’m now at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, as part of a new research group called Evolutionary Processes in Language and Culture

The academic blog-urge has dwindled this last year; it seems to take a focussed person* to keep a blog going for more than 18 months or so. So now seems like as good a time as any to put Culture Evolves into permanent hiatus.Our group is just in the start-up phase, but once we’ve got our full contingent we’ll have a group website – blogging options yet to be decided.


* Or an anonymous one who thus has loads of indiscreet stories to tell!


2 responses to “I’ve moved …

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  2. The role of linguistics in physchology is important. Language being a tool plays an important role in the evolution of an individuals phyche. Words are not objects. They do and undo an individual. I am presently working on the evolution of language and wish to express on the following chapter
    1. Language as a tool, an instrument.
    2. The concept of the spontaneous development of language by imitation.
    3. The possible evolution of language.
    4. The physiological preconditions for the evolution of language.
    5. Language as an auto-stimulant.
    6. Like any other technological advancement, the power of language to transform himself.
    7. Language as a precursor to the unleashing of higher animal potentialities.
    8. The inevitability of language becoming the first science.
    9. The internal architecture of language.
    10. Reality through language.
    11. The purpose of language.
    12. Putting language beyond the realm of communication.
    13. Language the medium which brings continuity to human existence.
    14. The conception of treating language as a thing or as inert.
    15. The individual and language.
    16. Language the inevitable tool as well as the inevitable hurdle in education.
    17. The importance of language studies in early childhood for the development of the individual.
    18. Language as co-ordination par-excellence.
    19. Parental imitation of language by the child a great impediment in the development of the child.
    20. The problem of dialects.
    21. Phonetics and articulation of sound.
    22. Standardization and its possibility.
    23. The unity of the word and what it denotes.
    24. The experience of a living language.

    If you have ideas we can share. Thank you,

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