JPS online!

That’s the Journal of the Polynesian Society, if you were wondering.

It’s been a sad wrench for me at UCL, browsing the e-journals list of our library and always feeling a little empty spot in my heart right here:

The Society is only up to the 1930s, but seeing as the really good ethnographic stuff is mostly pre-1950, it’s a goldmine already.

JPS is one of my favourite journals. It’s regional, obviously, but its coverage within the Oceania remit is a real four-field anthropology, with history, sociology, economics, and geography as well. When I was an undergraduate nerd and used to actually go to the library and read journals I would invariably find at least one or two articles in JPS worth a read. They always seemed chatty and fascinating, especially the dusty ones.


3 responses to “JPS online!

  1. I too was delighted to see the JPS go online. It’s a major resource, especially as the early issues are only in a bad way and stashed away deep in library archives. I’ve slowly built up a collection over the years from secondhand bookshops, but you can’t beat a search engine. Best of luck with that PhD thesis…

  2. Sorry, just noticed you’re doing postdoctoral not doctoral research!
    Ouch. Congrats rather than best of luck then…

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