now on nature network

I’ll be mirroring “culture evolves!” over at Nature Network from today. Everything will still be here (I didn’t spend hours on that banner for nothing!) as it’s an experimental move on my part. I think that if Nature Network is successful in its bid to become the social networking site for scientists it’ll be a good thing, but for now I think it’s still being treated with caution. Lots of sign-ups and not much activity.

So go! Sign up and join groups and leave comments… and stuff. Especially you social scientists! Get in there with the crystallographers and yeast genomics people. Let there be more participants with “evolution” in their tags. Or anthropology. Or culture that isn’t in a petri dish.

Not that I have anything against petri dishes.


2 responses to “now on nature network

  1. Congratulations on your nature blog!.

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