ah, the national health “service”

The Beeb report on the hitherto-undisclosed waiting-times for diagnostic tests in the NHS. Waiting time has usually referred to waiting for treatments (such as operations); this is the first time it has been made public how long people have to wait to get things like, for instance, scans. The revelation here is that people are waiting up to six months, sometimes longer, for diagnoses.


I am at present waiting for an ultrasound scan on some painful girly-bits, and when I mean painful, I mean “double-over and feel like passing out” painful. The scan is at the end of this month.

I just checked my diary, and I’ve been waiting since January 27th. Mmm-hmm.


4 responses to “ah, the national health “service”

  1. Yes, “service” is clearly misleading. You oughtn’t to say so too loudly or next thing you know, your tax money will be going for a re-branding campaign.

    “National Illness Queue”, anyone?
    to be known, colloquially as “Superbug Central”

    new slogan:
    “Wait, Worry, Wish”

  2. …..compounding the negative “feel good” factor re the NHS…….after the latest revelations about bedside phone rip-offs along with ridiculous parking charges at hospitals, has anyone ever wondered whether GP receptionists are merely employed for their skills in dissuading one to get appointments?

  3. The “receptionists” that I encountered in this particular instance almost, but not quite, burst out laughing when I enquired “Will that be weeks, or months?”

    Then they went back to scowling at everyone and talking to each other.

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