In random discussions recently I’ve realised that the whole concept of “detoxing” throws me into a fit of undefinable rage. Most of this has centred around the utter lack of scientific reasoning and/or proof inherent in this whole strange concept that we should purge our bodies of stuff we willingly put into it, usually for a fee; the idea that our bodies are some sort of dirty saucepan that just needs to be scrubbed and then will be as good as new.

I mean–what? Does this actually make sense to people? That you can magically alter the composition of your (many-years-old) body (including your brain!) with a three-week regimen of elderhipkokolarkenberry tea or having chinese water torture in your rear-end?
The other thing that drives me incandescent is that “detoxing” is the new guilt paradigm in which we feel bad about our bodies and buy stuff to achieve some non-existent “untoxed” state.

Today I read Maia at Alas, and I think she articulates this much better than I, with a broader remit of annoyance at the “health”/beauty industry.


One response to “detoxing

  1. Interestingly, after undergoing all the um, detoxing for a colonoscopy, my mother really felt amazing for about two weeks afterward. I’m not sure if that was placebo or just being completely voided of um crap.

    There is NO way to get away from the bad puns, is there?

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