commonwealth day

The Cuming Museum in Southwark is holding an exhibition entitled Mana: Ornament and Adornment From the Pacific. Polynesian decorative arts like tattooing and jewellery, which is like the confluence of all the things I love.

Today is Commonwealth Day, and I’m off to Westminster Abbey to partake of the observance in the presence of Chuck and Camilla. Least that’s what my ticket says. I have a feeling I’m a little underdressed for the occasion but it’s a freaking great big stone building and I don’t anticipate removing my coat.


One response to “commonwealth day

  1. Ah, so this is where you were off to! That website is less than helpful — telling me the “2006 theme” doesn’t really help when one doesn’t actually know what Commonwealth Day is. I mean, I’m fairly intelligent, so I think I can figure it out, but still.

    But I shan’t be grumpy in case the Royals do need a sassy American sidekick.

    Also, that exhibit looks awesome! The jewellery is beautiful, and it’s so cool that it was a collaborative project for women.

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