L’Oceanie: Peuples des eaux, gens des iles is a fabulous presentation of the geography, (pre)history, people and anthropology of the Pacific Ocean. It focuses mainly on the Eastern Pacific (i.e. New Guinea westwards). There are dozens of fabulous images and great animations. It’d be a terrific teaching tool for a first-year course and makes a good introduction to the variety of human life in the Pacific.

It is however all in French. I have a basic grasp of the language1, but the good thing about academic language is that it’s full of nouns you can recognise. Try a translator like Systrans if you want a word-for-word and your French is not so hot. There is an info page in English, but it’s in a social-anthropology dialect of English.
[1] Really basic grasp, as in I can order food/ask for directions/comment on the weather.


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