paper: men, women + ghosts in science

The leaky pipeline in science, or why 60% of biology undergrads are female yet only 10% of professors are. Science rejected this after long consideration, but it got published by PLoS Biology. I am just linking to the paper by Peter Lawrence: haven’t read it yet, haven’t read this commentary in The Telegraph, but will do so tomorrow.


3 responses to “paper: men, women + ghosts in science

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  2. I’ve not read it yet, either. However. I’m hopeful that the explanation is not so much a leaky pipeline but (1) demographics [the 60% figure representing current percentage rather than percentage that obtained when the current professoriat received their degrees] and (2) higher salaries outside academe, wooing current female (and male) degree-holders out of the ivory towers.

    I suppose this might still mean that academe pursues fewer female candidates, but I would feel less wretched about that if qualified women are being picked up by industry, government, and other well-paying non-university sectors.

  3. Good morning, Happy day-after-haloween! Today the real scares come when all you one night standers find out you just got a nasty case of herpes. 😀

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